The Difference Between Good and Great Is All in the Details

AXIS Main Lab

Our mission is to impact the way lives are saved. We are holding true to that by supporting medical device companies, providing next generation technologies that include global broadcasting and audio visual capabilities that are normally only seen in high tech audio video companies.

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Expanding Virtual Bioskills Labs Through Advanced Audiovisual Equipment

Christian in the AV Room

Expanding Virtual Bioskills Labs Through Advanced Audiovisual Equipment Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, guests flew from all over the nation for labs and events at Axis Research & Technologies.  We would host up to 100 guests in our Southern California lab location on any given day! Because of our large square footage, multiple medical device…

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The Four Routes to FDA Approval, and How to Choose

Navigating the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process for medical device manufacturers can be a bit like doing your own taxes. It’s often more difficult than it appears, unless you’re a pro at it. And even then, things change every year.

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Keeping You Safe!

Temperature check from masked doctor

During these unprecedented times, our first priority is the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, vendors, and partners. As we continue to deal with the uncertainties of COVID 19, we want to let you know that you can rest assured when you walk through our doors at Axis Research & Technologies that we are…

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Axis…More Than A Lab

more than a lab

Axis…More Than A Lab At Axis Research & Technologies we can help you change the way lives are saved. The impact we have together is powerful and limitless. The desire to provide better healthcare to patients throughout the world, to bring products to market that will revolutionize the healthcare industry, is something we take seriously…

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Setting a New Bar for Bioskills Lab Experiences


Setting a New Bar for Bioskills Lab Experiences Summer….1975…all the kids in the neighborhood outside riding bikes, running free – not a care in the world. The familiar sound of the ice cream man brings us all running down the street to get our favorite big stick or snow cone. Those memories from so long…

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