Times Free Press: Axis Research & Technologies’ COO Jill Goodwin Brings Human Relations to Client Service

Times Free Press: Axis Research & Technologies’ COO Jill Goodwin Brings Human Relations to Client Service

Jill Goodwin, COO
Pictured: Jill Goodwin, COO

Company’s Ambitious Future Supported by Outstanding Customer Engagement


March 8th, 2022 –  Jill Goodwin, chief operating officer (COO) at Axis Research and Technologies, is a passionate believer in the importance of delivering an outstanding customer experience. Goodwin’s career has always focused on human relations and the conviction that an empowered, knowledgeable staff will present the highest service levels to clients.

With a degree in social ecology emphasizing psychology, and a professional history building customer-focused relationships, Goodwin has brought her personal philosophy to the daily operations of Axis’ bioskills training labs.

“Many of our clients have become partners, holding repeat training sessions or R&D clinics at our high- tech, high-touch labs and meeting rooms,” says Goodwin. “What brings them in—and continues to bring them back—is that from the moment they enter any of our facilities, everything they could need, from A to Z, is prepped to help them excel.

Goodwin joined Axis in 2015 and quickly put her stamp on the business. She and Axis’ president & CEO Nick Moran balance each other out, bringing their unique skill sets and ideas for the company to the table. Moran is the visionary, continually coaching the team to strive for bigger and better. Goodwin operates alongside Moran to keep things running smoothly, grow the brand, and continuously look for new growth opportunities. She equips the team with anything they require to streamline client engagement and ensure a stress-free, successful event every time.

The market has taken note. Axis is on an aggressive expansion path, having opened its fourth location in Tennessee. Strategically located near leading medical universities, healthcare research centers, and device manufacturers, Axis offers bioskills labs where trainees can experience cadaveric training and education, research and development labs, didactic exercises, live events, and professional education. Axis’ world-class team prepares surgery suites and offers tissue sourcing, precision specimen preparation, and lab equipment readiness for every potential client scenario.

At the center of Axis’ accomplishments is its reliable, meticulous, and hands-on team. These engaged, highly trained, and motivated professionals deliver next-level service for a seamless customer experience. They provide concierge-level hospitality and have learned to anticipate the needs of those visiting Axis’ pre-clinical training research and technology lab facilities. They ensure a turnkey process for every training event and are ready to pivot when needed, taking the guesswork out of client research and training and helping them to focus on what they do best—innovate.

The underlying culture and mission of Axis is to change the way lives are saved. Every training that is held at their facility, every time a new device is evaluated, or a technique is shared with new practitioners, the team is reminded that they are helping to make the world a better place. This reality galvanizes the team at Axis to continually pursue next-level service and invention.

Their position at the intersection of technology and health care is driving the latest phase of Axis’ growth into the hospital sector. Moran noted that hospital systems needed capabilities inherent in Axis’ own success: the ability to capture and utilize data.

Working with leading health care technologists and medical pioneers, Axis is creating the smart operating room of the future. The culmination of their work, OMNImed SmartOR, will revolutionize the contemporary operating suite. Leveraging the resulting insights will transform the health care industry.

“The OMNImed SmartOR will be a game-changer for hospital systems and medical device companies,” says Goodwin. “Furthering our commitment to supplying and surpassing the needs of our clients, this remarkable innovation is Axis’ next step in building a legacy of saving lives and improving the quality of life for families.”