Checking Out Surgical Education and Group Training Options

Checking Out Surgical Education and Group Training Options

Medical instruments laid out for group training

If you don’t have your own facility to conduct medical training and education, what are your options? Realistically, you’re limited to just a few practical choices if you want to simulate a clinical or hospital operating environment.

The initial option is to set up your training lab or educational setting in a spacious, rented hotel suite. This may seem the easiest or most convenient route, but is it? Maybe for the person doing the planning, but certainly not for those doing the instructing or learning.

When Checking Out Hotels for Medical Education

At most hotels, you’re dealing with a facility crew who is unfamiliar with your team’s set up and needs. Hotels generally experience a lot of staff turnover, not to mention shifting schedules. While the people may all be unfailingly polite, how experienced do you think hotel employees are with surgical set up needs? Then consider how much difference it would make in speed and learning quality if you’re able to work with the same facility and team each time.

How Hygienic is a Hotel?

Then there’s the issue of cleanliness. It should go without saying that your operating room environment should be absolutely sanitary and spotless. Remember that hotels have to deal with food preparation and cleanup, plus laundry and housekeeping for hundreds of different guests every day, without the benefit of medical training and sanitization techniques.

Moving Beyond Proximity

The only possible reason left to choose a hotel might be the proximity or number of locations across the country. But if you happen to be in the continental U.S., there are far better options located in your own time zone, likely a short distance away. And now with virtual training possibilities for medical education, geographical boundaries become irrelevant.

The Right Mindset for Medical Education

What’s perhaps most important is to help physicians and surgeons get into the right frame of mind for medical training and education by selecting a facility designed specifically for that purpose.

Working with Dedicated Training Facilities

Axis Research & Technologies offers dedicated training facilities strategically located in the heart of medical research hubs in the northeast, southeast and west coast regions of the country. Axis has the capabilities to host all types of labs and trainings from a training hosting 10 surgeons to a large national event. With Axis’s AV capabilities, the trainings can be broadcast worldwide with interactive communications. Even multiple locations can be synchronized depending on the need.

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Virtually Visit Operating Rooms Anywhere

When it comes to medical training, Axis features bio skills labs, a stadium-style amphitheater, plus audio visual capabilities to provide you and your team with an enhanced medical education experience. Surgeons, sales representatives and researchers can now virtually visit places that would otherwise be impossible to reach—whether it be an Axis facility, your home office, or some remote spot across the globe.

For surgical training, Axis offers multi-station and private-suite bio-skills labs that replicate and simulate the atmosphere of an operating room. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the experienced Axis team is trained to support your company’s technology development and medical research, as well as the training and education of surgeons.

Give physicians and medical skills students every educational advantage by working with a facility designed for that purpose. Talk to the Axis Research and Technologies team today to find out exactly how your large medical group’s training and education needs can be better met. Your trainings will be streamlined, effortless and exceptional when working with the Axis team.