Associated Press: The future of health care innovation is now with OMNImed™ SmartOR

Nick Moran and Jill Goodwin pose inside the lab of Axis Research & Technologies

The “Smart Operating Room” will make it possible to monitor and document every aspect of a procedure, along with all activities in the surrounding environment as they unfold. OMNImed™ SmartOR is a technology-based, intelligent system that taps into data-rich surgical environments by leveraging the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), IoT (Internet of Things) and CV (Computer Vision).

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CEO Magazine: Absolute Total Medicine: Nick Moran

Nick Moran

Decades before he started Axis Research & Technologies, a top-brass chain of high-tech, high-touch medical training bioskills facilities across the US, Founder and CEO Nick Moran was a fighter. His black belts in six martial arts earned him the Masters Hall of Fame Humanitarian Award.

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Medtech Training Camp Podcast

Medtech Podcast

Medtech Training Camp Podcast Device Alliance interviews a few of the key players on the Axis team to learn more about how Axis became Axis, the offerings to the medical device community, including bioskills labs and the incredible service and collaborative training technology that sets Axis apart. Axis Research & Technologies has a stellar reputation…

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