Medical Education Bioskills Labs, Configurable Executive Event Spaces

We have three state of the art locations, located in Irvine, CA, Columbia, MD, and as of September 2021, Nashville, TN. All are over 10,000 sq. feet and feature a large main lab able to accommodate up to 15 stations with C-arms in addition to private operating room suites for smaller labs. Our locations have beautiful amphitheaters able to accommodate 100+ people. Axis locations offer unique state-of-the-art HIPAA Compliant Global Teletraining Platform allowing surgeons, educators and researchers broadcast, recording and archival capabilities to anywhere around the  globe. For our clients that need a little break during their labs or events at Axis, we offer a game lounge.

Lab Locations

East Coast Lab

Columbia, MD

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Call (443)583-2601(443)583-2601 for

Southeast Lab

Nashville, TN Opening in September 2021

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Call (949)288-6607(949)288-6607
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West Coast Lab

Irvine, California

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Call (949)288-6607(949)288-6607 for Availability

Chattanooga, Tennessee Opening in September 2021