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Global Interactive Audio Visual Capabilities for Virtual Training

Axis’ Virtual Training platform removes all geographical boundaries. For a Medical Device company, this can be priceless. Surgeons, sales reps and R&D units can gather virtually to visit places beyond their reach in today’s busy, everyday life—whether that is at one of Axis’ facilities, in your home office, or remotely, across the globe.

Multi-user, social interactive platforms like Axis’ platform are thriving hubs for educational content, allowing you to connect with colleagues and attend lectures and lessons delivered by educators across the globe.

Axis Research & Technologies offers a robust A/V system that meets client needs, from global broadcasting and recording to livestreaming and beyond.

As times are changing, and we face the difficulty of being everywhere at once, Axis offers the solution with a globally integrated, interactive platform. Travel, hotel and dining costs for transporting staff to trainings can greatly impact the financial bottom line for Medical Device Companies. Instead, Axis offers clients the ability to accomplish all of their surgical training and medical education virtually. Videoconferencing changes the way education and research is done in the OR surgical training environment.

Explore Our Audio Visual Capabilities

Axis Research & Technologies offers state-of-the-art, high-touch, high-tech medical education facilities with exceptional Audio Visual Capabilities.

Telecommunication, Virtual Training & Education

  • Global Broadcasting

    View events from anywhere across the globe.

  • 4K Event Recording

    Post, review, and share.

  • Analytics

    Gather information and insights from your event.

  • Multi-Camera View

    One to four video feeds allow you and your audience to see every angle of your training.

  • Secure

    A system adhering to privacy regulations, with added layers of user security.

  • Lab Equipment Compatible

    C- Arm’s, Scopes, Ultrasounds, and more.

  • Quality

    High quality video conferencing.

  • Video Storage

    Store your recorded video content in your video library

  • Uniquely Customizable

    White label our platform and use your own logo and branding.

  • Meeting Tools

    Breakout rooms, Q&A, live polls, screen share, event chat, and more.

  • Dedicated Management

    Smooth transitions, controlled audio/video quality, audience control.

  • Affordable

    Prepayment and bulk discounts available.

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