Bioskills Lab Amenities

Medical  Education

Our bioskills labs, stadium-style amphitheaters (MD and CA locations only), and advanced audiovisual capabilities and services allow you and your team to experience an enhanced medical education experience.

Surgical  Training

Our private bioskills lab suites and multi-station bioskills lab simulate a fully functional operating room (OR) for support of technology development, medical research, and surgical training and education.

Global Communications

We offer state-of-the-art recording, broadcasting, and archival capabilities using a secure, high-speed, interactive network that enhances the collaborative experience around the globe.

Multi-Station Bio Skills Labs

These large, customizable spaces can be arranged in a multi-station lab or configured for other purposes, such as vendor product fairs.

Private Suite Labs

Our private lab suites replicate an OR environment to support medical research, technology development, R&D, and surgical training and education.


Our stadium-style amphitheaters accommodate over 100 participants and provide our customers with the perfect place to host educational lectures, professional exchanges and collaborative video conferencing through high-speed, interactive audiovisual technology.

Video Services

We have invested in innovative audiovisual technologies, available throughout the facility. We offer the latest recording, broadcast and archival resources using a secure, high-speed, collaborative network. Whether communicating from one of our labs to participants in the amphitheater, executive conference room or to remote sites around the globe, our advanced video services enhance the collaborative experience.

Executive Conference Room

Our fully-equipped, private conference rooms will accommodate up to 15 professionals and provides collaborative video teleconferencing capability through our high speed, interactive telecommunication facility.

Dining Lounge and Social Space

Each lab location features a spacious dining lounge and social space capable of accommodating large groups in a variety of settings. We offer private catering to perfectly complement any occasion or event held within Axis’ facilities.

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Take Virtual Tours of Our Bioskills Labs

Experience our sophisticated wet labs, auditoriums and multi-purpose rooms that can be used as configurable event spaces.