CEO Magazine: Absolute Total Medicine: Nick Moran

CEO Magazine: Absolute Total Medicine: Nick Moran

Nick Moran

FROM: CEO Magazine
BY: Jacob Goldberg

Decades before he started Axis Research & Technologies, a top-brass chain of high-tech, high-touch medical training bioskills facilities across the US, Founder and CEO Nick Moran was a fighter. His black belts in six martial arts earned him the Masters Hall of Fame Humanitarian Award.

But for Nick, fighting was not about seeking violence or merely a physical outlet. MMA was his training ground, a highly competitive arena where he could use his athletic ability and discipline to dominate.

In the wake of his fighting career, Nick became a coach in mixed martial arts and hockey, as well as an entrepreneur. Through his chain of California fitness centers, he taught youth about health and wellness, sometimes using cadavers to help them understand how the human body works.

“I wanted to teach these kids about human anatomy, to show them where injuries occur, how fat is stored, and how the body moves,” he says.

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