Axis…More Than A Lab

Axis…More Than A Lab

more than a lab

At Axis Research & Technologies we can help you change the way lives are saved. The impact we have together is powerful and limitless. The desire to provide better healthcare to patients throughout the world, to bring products to market that will revolutionize the healthcare industry, is something we take seriously as your bioskills lab partner.

We are the home to medical device companies and surgeons that are changing the medical forefront. We provide C-arms, instrumentation and any equipment necessary for all types of labs.

We are the home to international students that want to experience hands on training using our freshly-frozen cadavers. We choose unembalmed cadavers in order to deliver a more realistic experience in our cadaver labs. We choose only the top tissue vendors that rigorously test all specimens for infectious diseases. No specimen with any type of infectious disease is ever permitted at Axis. Your safety is our top priority. We are able to provide cadavers with very specific criteria based on each and every clients needs.

The frontier of medical innovation is at your fingertips. Partnering with Axis and our highly experienced team of professionals ensures success and a seamless lab experience. Wet labs, didactic trainings, research and development, global interactive communications, lunch and learns, hands on educational experiences - Axis is your home for all of these things and so much more.

Axis prides itself in doing things differently. We are on the cutting edge of innovation working on proprietary IP encompassing mixed medical reality, augmented reality and Artificial intelligence. At Axis we are always open to offering our clients “strategic partnership” opportunities and to be a part of our Axis IP as we change the way lives are saved.

Axis.... more than a lab.