Japanese Students visit Axis BioSkill Lab

Japanese Students visit Axis BioSkill Lab

On Feb. 21, 2016 we were honored to have the Sanko Gakuen Japanese group visit our facility and bioskills lab for a unique and extraordinary educational experience through the use of cadaveric hands on and didactic lectures. Combined with learning materials and instruction by Fitness International and Research Education, LLC group, the students were able to explore and understand the body as never before.

The students were given the unique opportunity to spend hours studying unembalmed cadavers and learning from some of the best educators in the fitness and health industry. They were able to ask questions, share thoughts and take away an experience they will not soon forget. The response was emotional and exciting. The students graciously sent us thank you notes and emails about their experience here at AXIS.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”      ― Mark Twain

Dr. Burges at Axis
Dr. Burges at Axis

AXIS Research & Technologies is not only a place for research and technology device testing but it is also a place where we bring education to life. Through complete emersion and hands on learning, students are able to gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding that is surpassed by none.

“It was an even more wonderful experience than I had imagined. I’ve been learning about the anatomy over 15 years. I used to be a group exercise director and taught the anatomy to the employee for a long time. However, the cadaveric lecture is worth over a decade 2D learning.”

Japanese Student – Aya Okuno

“I had a really splendid experience, and thank you. I think that it is not a simple thing to have such an experience, but let me experience it if there is an opportunity again.”

Japanese Student – Marina Kusaka

“Absolutely was the highlight for the group”

Event Coordinator – John Boardman