Setting a New Bar for Bioskills Lab Experiences

Setting a New Bar for Bioskills Lab Experiences


Summer....1975...all the kids in the neighborhood outside riding bikes, running free - not a care in the world. The familiar sound of the ice cream man brings us all running down the street to get our favorite big stick or snow cone. Those memories from so long ago...they take us back in time so quickly when life was carefree and summer seemed to go on forever.

Fast forward....we grow up. We have careers and families and responsibilities. We hustle every day and work becomes our play. We have to be reminded to BREATHE. We have to remember to stay centered and remind ourselves not to take life so seriously. Our days are spent focusing on work and our careers.

Another work week begins. You enter Axis Research & Technologies Bioskills lab. It’s early morning. You get your coffee and begin setting up for your training for today’s cadaver lab. The day seems like a normal day.

The Axis Team is in high gear and greets you and your team with a smile. They are warm and professional and set your mind at ease.

The research lab is set up. The surgeons begin to arrive. Everything is in place. You soon realize..the atmosphere is different here. You realize the Axis team is different. Their sole focus is on making sure that your every need is met. Their top priority is making sure your lab is successful, well organized & streamlined.

It’s lunch time. A nice break from an educational and exciting day in the cadaver lab. You hear a familiar sound. The music from an ice cream truck. Where is it coming from? Memories flood your mind. The music gets louder and stops outside the backdoor. That’s odd.

The Axis team invites you to go outside to pick out your favorite ice cream. “A little gift from us they say”. You walk outside and see the ping pong tables and basketball hoops set up just for you and your team. The summer sun hits your face and for a moment you are transported back in time. Who would have thought - the ice cream man would be at Axis today?

But it’s just part of the Axis experience you soon realize.

It’s the little things that are the big things. The small efforts that mean the most. When you enter our doors you know there is something different. If Axis is not your Bioskills lab, come experience what you have been missing. Come see why the Axis Bioskills labs are top in customer service and experience.