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HIPAA Compliant Globally Interactive Telehealth Platform

Axis Research & Technologies offers a safe alternative during these uncertain times due to COVID-19. Our HIPAA Compliant Globally Interactive Telehealth Platform allows you to continue with important education, research and development while maintaining social distancing. This is an alternative way to conduct medical training from the safety of your home or office or while working inside one of our Axis Facilities utilizing our fresh frozen cadavers. During this time we are available for private labs or research that can be broadcast in order to continue research and development, education or training.

Telecommunication & Virtual Training


A HIPAA compliant system with additional user security.


High quality video conferencing


Easily record your training/meeting onto your local desktop device

Video Storage

Store your recorded video content in your video library

Uniquely Brand-able

White label our platform and use your own logo and branding

High Band-Width

Hosted on unique Amazon Server instances


Prepayment and bulk discounts available

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