MPIOC Workshop & Luncheon

On Wednesday, November 2, 2016 the Meeting Professionals International – Orange County Chapter (MPIOC) held their November Workshop & Luncheon at Axis Research & Technologies. The MPIOC is “committed to providing education development and leadership opportunities, cultivating business relationships, supporting industry partnerships and demonstrating commitment to excellence in the meeting industry.” The versatility of the Axis Orange County venue was showcased in a transformation which included modern and stylish décor, pops of color, and lighting for the networking luncheon.

MPIOC November Workshop at Axis Research & Technologies

The workshop highlighted speaker James Spellos, an expert in managing the technological advances that impact our daily lives.  Topics focused on new technological developments within the hospitality industry, the hottest apps of 2017, and the emergence of augmented reality. This new and emerging technology is in-line with Axis’ learning platform which also provides customized augmented reality solutions for medical training and education.