Axis Research & Technologies, Inc. to Host Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for State-of-the-Art Center of Excellence

Axis Research & Technologies, Inc. to Host Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for State-of-the-Art Center of Excellence

Columbia, MD—(July 20, 2018) – Axis Research & Technologies, Inc. today announced that it will host a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for its new, state-of-the-art Center of excellence on July 20. The Axis management team, as well as representatives from Howard County and the Maryland State Department of Commerce will attend. The grand opening will be held on Tuesday July 24th from 3-7pm.

The Axis Center of Excellence offers a new, fully equipped medical skills training facility for medical device companies, surgeons and health professionals to facilitate advanced training and education opportunities for the life sciences industry.  This medical skills training center will host on-site, hands-on classroom and lab-based programs, as well as advanced technology to conduct virtual training events on a global scale.  The facility has been designed to meet the specific learning needs of healthcare professionals. 

“Axis Research & Technologies, Inc. is excited to be a part of this amazing community in Columbia Maryland and looks forward to continuing the advancement of research and technology in the medical skills training space,” said Nick Moran, CEO and President.  “The technology available at the Axis Center of Excellence allows us to increase our reach to more people with high quality educational programs in addition to offering training and research on a global level with our telehealth platform.”

“We are proud to be bring our Axis brand to this state and region and we are honored to be able to collaborate with the Howard County Economic Development Authority and the State of the Maryland Department of Commerce to recognize this new medical skills training center,” said Jill Goodwin, COO.  “Our desire is to further the advancement of education and research and to be able to partner with our clients for unparalleled success.”

About Axis Research & Technologies, Inc.

Axis Research & Technologies is a medical skills training platform. We provide elite centers of excellence comprised of disruptive technology, a global telehealth platform and multiple configurable facilities. Our outreach is far and wide working with many of the top fortune 500 medical device companies as well as surgeons and health care professionals.

We have a reputation for stellar service, for anticipating our client’s needs and for providing our customers with everything they need to ensure their success. Our secure global interactive telehealth platform, our strategic partnerships in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Medical Reality and our multiple fully equipped configurable facilities provide our clients with everything they need in order to bring their products to market faster, more efficiently and with less risk. Our facilities are engineered for medical research and education and aligned to foster growth and advancement.


Jill Goodwin