“At Axis Research & Technologies, our mission is to support the advancement of medical technology, practice, and education worldwide.”



Axis Research & Technologies, Inc. operates a 10,100 square foot medical research and educational facility that provides an elite platform for medical device manufacturers, surgeons and other healthcare professionals. Located in the heart of Southern California, Axis is one of California’s largest bio skills labs, coupling regional convenience for our customers with a global reach to their customers, clients and staff through advanced Video Telecommunication Services.

Our Private Suite Bio Skills Labs and Multi-Station Bio Skills Lab incorporate extensive features and state of the art technologies to accommodate a wide variety of applications, including medical research, technology development, surgeon training and educational workshops. Our stadium seating Amphitheater will accommodate over 100 participants and provides our customers with the perfect place to host educational lectures, professional exchanges and collaborative video teleconferencing through our secure, high speed interactive telecommunication facility.

Our more intimate Executive Conference Room is also configured to enhance an immersive, collaborative experience. We support live streaming and cloud-based archival and retrieval capabilities through the facility via a high-speed, secure Video Telecommunication Service. Clients can communicate with colleagues, staff, customers and others, and may leverage pre-arranged network linkages to relevant industry organizations. We are a customer-centric organization and work tirelessly with our customers to ensure requirements are understood and exceeded.

Our facility includes approximately 2,200 square foot Dining and Socia Area and we offer Additional Amenities to enhance the customer experience. Let’s initiate a dialogue on how we can configure our facility and technology to meet the unique needs of your company. Contact us today to book a tour of our facility. Our facility is engineered for medical research and education. To foster continued growth in the medical device sector, the following key components are optimized:

  • Immersive interactive transmissions that speak to doctors, lab directors, CFOs, and technicians
  • Localized content that speaks to globally dispersed channels
  • Cross-device accessibility that accommodates global training via mobile phone, laptop, computer, and tablet
  • Access to relevant videos, presentations, and collateral that make for a more successful learning experience
  • Adjusting for Globalization

Centrally located, Axis Research & Technology is less than three miles from the John Wayne Airport, ten miles from Disneyland, and eight miles from Newport Beach. Our accommodating facility allows travelers to separate hotel accommodations with their work, optimizing rest and relaxation after educational training.


Our bio skills labs, stadium-style amphitheater, and video telecommunication services allow you and your team to dexperience an enhanced medical education experience.


Our private suite bio skills labs and multi-station bio skills lab simulate an operating room atmosphere to support technology development, medical research, and surgeon training and education.


We offer state of the art recording, broadcasting, and archival capabilities through a HIPAA-compliant, high-speed, interactive, and secure network to enhance the collaborative experience across the globe.